We Love What We Do

Our mission is to provide educated, compassionate, and effective hoof care to equines of all shapes and sizes.

Our Services

Barefoot Hoof Care

Maintenance trimming for healthy functional hooves.  I suggest an average of six week trimming intervals, lots of movement, varied terrain, and quality forage.

Custom Boot Fitting

Dealer for Scoot Boots and Easy Care Inc.  I carry a varied inventory of hoof boots for riding and rehab.  I can also offer glue-on and nail on composite options for performance or rehab.

Hoof Rehab

Rehab for founder, laminitis, navicular, chronic abscesses, hoof cracks, thrush, etc…

Nutrition Consultation

I will work with you to find the best nutrition program for you and your equine.  I suggest testing your hay and supplementing with a quality mineral, loose salt, and plenty of movement!